Motorcycle Detailing in Redding, CA

Regular Motorcycle Detailing Package:

  • Complete exterior wash with formulated wax soap
  • Clean tires and wheels
  • Degrease complete underside of bike
  • Dry Exterior finish
  • Wipe down and touch up chrome
  • Clean and treat all leather seats and saddle bags, if equipped.
  • Wipe down exterior glass with special formulated plexiglass cleaner
  • Wipe down engine components

*This package is recommended for bike owners that have their bikes detailed by Vivid Detailz on a regular basis or of the bike is new or kept like new.

Complete Motorcycle Detailing Package:

  • Complete exterior wash with formulated wax soap
  • Clean tires and wheels(*if equipped with spokes. Price is slightly higher)
  • Degrease complete underside of bike
  • Dry Exterior finish
  • Polish all exterior chrome and treat with Teflon sealant
  • Wax and treat all painted surfaces with Teflon paint sealant
  • Clean and treat all leather that is equipped on bike
  • Clean all exterior glass with special formulated plexiglass cleaner
  • Clean all engine components and polish with Teflon sealant  ( if painted or chrome)
  • Polish exhaust system and treat with sealant
  • Treat all rubber components with deluxe shine treatment  (except tires. Clean tires only)

*Motorcycle detailing prices may be slightly higher if there is extensive chrome, spoked wheels, leather that need treated or heavy road tar on exterior finish. Bikes that are fully dressed will have a higher price due to more in-depth cleaning required.  Street bikes will cost less, due to less tedious work required.

Why You Should Detail Your Motorcycle?

motorcycle detailingWhat do you love the most about your motorcycle? Is it how fast it is? How dependable it is? Or is it, how good it looks? There is nothing better than taking your motorcycle out for a ride when it looks and feels so detailed and cleaned. Wouldn’t you rather be riding your motorcycle than cleaning it? That’s where we come in! Vivid Detailz in Redding, CA can clean and detail your bike to perfection and give it an excellent finish. Not everyone always has the time or energy to thoroughly detail their motorcycle this is where our detail crew comes in! We will make your motorcycle look brand new again! Motorcycle detailing usually involves a few steps. Depending on your priorities, and budget it could be a simple cleaning or a full detailing.

 Detailing Your Motorcycle

There are many factors that go into washing and detailing your motorcycle. Washing a motorcycle is not just a simple case of scrubbing with a soapy cloth. Many people end up with scratched or dull-looking motorcycles because of failing to use the proper cleaning products and equipment.

First of all, it is very important to only use cleaning products that are designed for motorcycles. Other types of detergents and soaps can cause damage easily. All of the products that we use at Vivid Detailz are “motorcycle approved”, they will meticulously clean your bike, without damaging any paint, chrome, or plastics. We prefer to use a nice high quality, commercial grade thick soap and a soft cloth to completely scrub the bike. This is where a lot of detailers get it wrong! It is important to ensure that that all cleaning products and scrub cloths used are soft so that you don’t end up with scratches and scuff marks on your motorcycle.

Our Process

Motorcycle Detailing should never be done in direct sunlight since you don’t want the soap to dry on the surface of the bike quickly. It will leave streaks that won’t look good on your motorcycle if allowed to dry. Which is why perform all motorcycle detail jobs inside our air conditioned shop, shaded and away from direct sunlight.

The first step in our process is to clean the motorcycle with a water spray to get rid of loose dirt that is usually lodged on the surface. We then use a soft sponge or cloth to clean the metallic, painted, and plastic parts. We never spray water on the electric components and muffler outlets. Brake fluid and the chemical solvents are also never used on the surfaces as they can damage it easily.

Wheels and spokes are cleaned separately as the cleaning materials used to detail them are completely different. Tires are then washed thoroughly with water and motorcycle-specific detergents. In addition our spray cleaners are utilized for this purpose due to their effectiveness. Water usually washes off oil and other substances from the tire, and this is why they should be cleaned before you polish the spokes.

Once we have carefully cleaned your motorcycle, we do a final cold water rinse. We avoid using warm water, because it can leave salt mark streaks on your bike. The cold water leaves your motorcycle absolutely spotless! Then we move on to the hand drying process, so there are no watermarks visible.

Once your motorcycle is detailed we will inspect for any damaged parts that could require repair. We check and test the brakes to confirm that they are in peak performance. The brakes can become less responsive after the bike is cleaned. We pump them to make sure they are ready for your ride. We also advise you to ride slower or give yourself a significant stopping distance until all components on the bike are completely dry.


High-Pressure Cleaning

We avoid any high pressure washing of your motorcycle because the water can squirt past the water bearing seals. This can drive water into crevices and electric parts, which can lead to corrosion, degreasing and general damage to your bike. If you choose to use pressure washers when cleaning your motorcycle at home, make sure to handle them with care and try to drive the water away from vital parts. Electronics, chains, vinyl seats, and brakes should never be cleaned with high-pressure water. If you do clean with high-pressure cleaners, the water power should never go above 2,000 psi.

If there is caked on mud and dirt that is tightly lodged on your bike can be hard to remove with normal cleaners or even by scrubbing. High-pressure cleaners can get into the hard to reach areas of the body and tires. Typically though we use a waterless detail to give you the best detail available.

Finishing Touches

Once we have finished cleaning and drying your motorcycle, we take extra care to put on some finishing touches. The cleaning process can wash off the finish on the spokes and other parts of the bike. That is why we make it one of our steps to polish and wax the motorcycle after we detail it.

We polish the chrome on your motorcycle to make it shine. We use a chrome polish and then wax it to give all the chrome the best shine possible. Cleaning the bike can wash off the finish on the spokes and other parts of the bike, and this is why it is important to polish and wax after the complete detailing. Spokes that are made of uncoated aluminum can be cleaned using aluminum polish. On the other hand, those made of coated aluminum can be lightly polished and waxed. We will also wax the painted parts of your bike.

Finishing touches should be done in non-humid and cool areas that is why we do everything in our air conditioned bay. We do several coats of wax and polish, and the results are usually better when done indoors like this. Waxing is a must! It will make the polish last and look shiny, and also protect your bike from the effects of direct sunlight.

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