Auto, Truck, SUV, Minivan – Complete Auto Detailing Interior Package

The Complete Interior is cleaned from top to bottom to like new conditions!

  • Vacuum complete interior of vehicle and trunk if equipped
  • Complete shampoo of carpets to remove stains, road tar, grime and other particles
  • Shampoo seats and headliner to remove stains
  • Clean complete interior vinyl trim and treat with deluxe shine treatment
  • Clean and remove any scuffs in sill plates or trim
  • Clean all cracks and crevices to remove any dust and debris
  • Clean complete interior windows and mirrors
  • Clean door jams and treat seals
  • Clean and treat leather seats ( if equipped )
Heavily stained or soiled carpets may be subject to an additional fee.

Auto Detailing in Redding CA

Vivid Detailz is a professional auto detailing service based in Redding, CA. Our focus is on all automobiles including cars, trucks, SUV’s, Minivans, motorcycles, RVs, campers, speedboats and houseboats. With our team of experienced highly trained crew, quality service is an assurance. Our pricing is modest when compared to industry rates.

We treat each vehicle to the highest detailing quality and our staff handles them as if it were their own. We take ownership of your vehicles once they are in our care. We have several packages and regardless of the one you pick, quality service is maintained across board.  

Our detailing service involves the following:

  • Interior cleaning, vacuuming, and shampooing
  • Waxing
  • Fabric maintenance and protection
  • Paint sealant protection
  • Deluxe washing and cleaning
auto detailing redding

Our Process

We treat each car model and brand uniquely because we understand they are different and respond differently. The best equipment and car brand experts are assigned to each car type to ensure a maximum auto detailing experience. Our car maintenance service is top notch and we understand that these machines have to be taken care of to maintain their systems and market value.

Our services are varied, and we recommend that you treat your car every three to four months depending on if you are a heavy car enthusiast or just a daily driver.  These services are guaranteed to keep your car in top shape and even improve their maintenance if they are done regularly. If you are looking for quality car detailing, call us at 530-604-7380.


Complete Interior Detailing Package: 

The interior of your vehicle is cleaned up and out from the top to the bottom until it looks like brand new. It doesn’t matter the nature of the stains though an extra fee may be charged. It includes:

  • Collect and secure loose change, sun shades, pens, gadgets and other personal items in a plastic retrieval bag.
  • Vacuuming the interior of the vehicle completely (trunk included) usually up to 3 times from under your seats, in between seats, window switches, map pockets, and in other creases.
  • Complete shampooing of the carpets to remove the stains, road tar, grime and other particles to kill bacteria and foul odors that may be present.
  • Shampoo seats and headliners to remove stains and smears.
  • Clean complete interior vinyl trim and treat with deluxe shine treatment
  • Clean and remove any scuffs in sill plates or trim
  • Clean all cracks and crevices to remove any dust and debris. Using a vapor steamer, we clean out hard to reach places, between seat cushions, map pockets, cockpit switches, controls, trim pieces, steering wheel gaps and other such places.
  • Clean complete interior windows and mirrors
  • Clean door jams and treat seals
  • Clean and treat leather seats if equipped to avoid your interior colors from fading.
  • Scrub clutch, brake and throttle pedal to a squeaky clean look.

Complete Exterior Detailing Service:  

The exterior package is detailed and cleaned to maintain an almost brand new finish. It includes the following:

  • Pre-spraying the vehicle with a concentrated polymer solvent that emulsifies grease and dirt stains. A microfiber towel is then used with special non-woolen gloves (because of its abrasiveness on paintwork) to rub down the automobile.
  • Apply automotive-grade clay bar and lubricant to remove sticky surface contaminants. Once lubricants and clay bar are applied this way, the surface looks and feels very smooth and appealing.
  • Clean out wheel faces, tires and door jambs with an aluminum based solution that will leave it gleaming reflectively.
  • Use a clean, non-abrasive microfiber towel to dry out the car’s body surface.
  • Apply an ultraviolet tire dressing which stops rubber from cracking and gives it a sharp, matte black look.
  • Clean and polish the glass windows to look smear free.
  • Apply a polymer based synthetic paint that lasts up to 12 months before any re-application again.

Headlight Restoration:

Over time your headlights can become dull and less glossy like they used to be. Restoring your headlights and re-coating to a high shine is not a complex process, and there are several over-the-counter products claiming to “restore” your headlights, however, these retail grade products are not long lasting and not as effective. Only car detailing experts can provide this service, and this is where we come in. Using ultraviolet light and with a resin solution can give you a lasting solution without the need for re-application in future.

Window Tinting

Living in Northern California our vehicles are subjected to some intense heat and sunlight.  Most of the cars & trucks we detail have some amount of window tinting to keep the ultra-violet and infra-red rays to a minimum, thus reducing the harmful damage those rays can do to your vehicle’s interior and the passengers skin inside.  If you are looking for the best window tinting in Redding, look no further than Reeves Window Tinting.


Contact Information

We are available for business Monday to Friday as early as 7 a.m to 7 p.m weekdays and by appointment on Saturdays. We are closed on Sunday. You can visit our detail shop at1270 Hartnell Ave #A, Redding, CA 96002 or call us on (530) 604-7380.

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