Boat Detailing Service in Redding, CA

Complete Interior Boat Detailing:

Shampoo all carpets
Clean and treat all vinyl
Clean and treat all wood finish as needed
Clean inner fiberglass floors
Scrub complete upper and lower decks
Clean interior windows and canopy
Clean all interior appliances, including bathroom
Remove any scuff marks on interior fiberglass
Treat all leather (if equipped ) and wax interior fiberglass

*Vivid Detailz Mobile Detailing specialist may provide extra discount from listed pricing if boat is up-kept well.

Full Exterior Boat Detailing:

Complete exterior wash, including trailer (if equipped )
Clean exterior windows
Clean and wipe down all wood finishes as needed
Treat trailer wheels ( if equipped )

*Vivid Detailz Mobile Detailing specialist may provide extra discount from listed pricing if boat is up-kept well.

Full Boat Cleaning (Interior and Exterior):

Complete Interior Cleaning
Complete Exterior Detail
+ seal with Teflon based sealer wax
Full wash of trailer (if equipped )

*Vivid Detailz Mobile Detailing specialist may provide extra discount from listed pricing if boat is up-kept well.

Purchase a detail for your watercraft and receive a 20% discount on the vehicle that hauls it.


Why Should you Detail Your Boat?

Vivid Detailz is proud to be your number one boat detailing service in Redding, CA! Boat detailing doesn’t just involve picking a sponge, a can of cleaning agent and scrubbing away on the boat. As the name implies, this service refers to the act of revamping, cleaning and improving the overall look of a boat. You don’t want to hire just any boat detail company, because if the cleaning process is done wrong, it could result in damages to the boat or the environment. Which is why you want to rely on the pros at Vivid Detailz to take care to keep your boat looking sparkly clean!

Our Boat Detailing complete service includes washing the interior and exterior parts of the boat, including – the topside of the boat, the windows, the whole body. This is an important activity because the life of the boat is highly dependent on the level of professional attention it gets regularly. To do an excellent job on your boat detail, we typically will divide your cleaning into two parts:

  • Complete Interior Cleaning: We vacuum and shampoo the carpets and fabrics, clean and treat all wood finishes, interior fiberglass floors, upper and lower decks, interior windows and canopy, appliances and equipment contained inside, leather work, as well as remove any spots on the glass surfaces.
  • Total exterior boat detailing: includes total washing of the exterior parts of the boat, cleaning and wiping down of all wood finishes, cleaning and or washing of trailer if it has one.

boat detailingBasic Maintenance Services

Boats that sail on salt water are more susceptible to corrosion, no matter the surface, gel coat, glass, vinyl or metal, if not cleaned properly. Metals suffer corrosion worse and if not contained, it will lead to holes and leaks. Waxed boat surfaces are not exempt either, if proper boat detailing is not done, watermarks might develop on the surfaces.

In addition to the interior and exterior cleaning service, we also offer waxing and wet sanding services. Our superbly trained team of experts will polish your boat to give it an ageless shine. Using wax, the surface is polished to a high, glimmering sheen. We also offer Wet Sanding services – a process which gives an even glossier finish. It is oftentimes used on other projects like car paint jobs, guitars, and high resolution 3 dimensional prints to make them reflective. Wet sanding is carried out after dry sanding to make the boat surface level and even. It is not done to sharpen the surface but to remove scratches left by the dry sanding process. If done correctly, wet sanding will reduce the uneven surface until the scratches, and rough patches are no longer giving off any light.

Apart from the basic boat cleaning activities, we also run a maintenance program which is aimed at improving and extending the lifespan of your boat. Clearly, the liquid environment will definitely take a heavy toll on your boat, so proper detailing is necessary to counter this adverse effect. We strive also to maintain our boat inventories and keep your boats looking good in case of potential buyers. Our boat detailing is surface specific, which means the type of surface your boat is made of determines the cleaning or polishing method used. Here are some of the methods we use:

Compounding Service: This process comes highly recommended for badly maintained or old boats, and it eradicates all concentrations of oxidation from the gel coat.

Metal Cleaning and Polishing Service: This boat detailing process removes minor rust and oxidation from the boat surface. It also cleans, shines and protects your chrome, aluminum, and stainless steel surfaces.

Vinyl Cleaning and Dressing Service: In this service, we use ultraviolet protective dressing on the surface of the boat to reducing fading from exposure from the sun. The process is designed to remove molds, stains, grease and corrosive scars and once this is done, your boat will look as clean and new as the day it was designed.

Isinglass and Plexiglass Cleaning and Polishing Service: In this service, we strive to wash out and clean all isinglass and plexiglass window types as well as eradicate any form of yellowing of the glass.


Regular Boat Maintenance Schedule

We have a highly recommended maintenance and service schedule for boat detailing which we recommend to all clients who need regular boat detailing to keep their vessels in top shape. This maintenance schedule comes in three forms – at the beginning of the season, throughout the season or at the end of the season. Any one you choose is quite okay, and you will still get excellent boat detailing service.

Beginning of the season, we will professional detail your boat employing the best-detailing process available to us. This would include waxing, compounding, polishing, isinglass and plexiglass polishing, vinyl and canvas treatment, wet sanding and drying out to give your boat that awesome new look.

Throughout the season, we will professionally wash and clean up your boat every week and also clean it out after each outing on the water. Exposure to salt water and other toxic water bodies allows watermarks to build upon the metal surface, glass and gel coating. Regular cleaning will reduce the chances of any such build up.

At the end of the season, we will professionally prepare your vessel for the cold season of winter. We also recommend that you shrink wrap your boat to maintain and preserve it against exposure to harsh elements like snow, hail, ice and winter storms. This is not to say you can not leave your vessel unwrapped if you use your boat for winter activities. 

Vivid Detailz wants to help you keep your boat ready to use year round. All of our employees are fully trained professionals who will care for your boat as if it were their own. Let us take the stressful day to day upkeep of your boat away.  Owning a boat and being able to enjoy it are two awesome things in life.  Especially living in Shasta County and having access to not one, but two world class lakes with Shasta Lake and Whiskeytown Lake both so close to Redding.  Once Winter arrives you will want to ensure your boat is not at the mercy of rain and wind, but rather use the best boat storage available in Redding and Shasta County.

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